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Monday, October 9, 2017

Making Fig Jam

I have enough figs from my neighbor that I was not able to consume immediately. Figs do not store for long periods of time even if it is refrigerated. One way to make use of it is to make jam.

Start with about 5 pounds of figs. Chop the figs coarsely and put them in a container; use a container than is non-reactive, either plastic or stainless steel container. Do not use aluminum containers.

Add about 5 to 6 cups of granulated sugar; adjust the amount according to your sweetness preference. Mix and store in the refrigerator at least overnight. After overnight, the mixture will be watery; the fig will be releasing its natural juice.


Cook the fig-sugar mixture in a stove-top on medium heat. Make sure to stir frequently to avoid scorching at the bottom. Cook until the jam thickens, this should take about 25 to 30 minutes.

Squeeze ¼ of a cup of lemon juice and add to the jam. Cook the jam for another minute longer. The lemon juice will balance the sweetness of the jam and lowers the acidity necessary for the jam to set avoiding a runny jam.   

Let the jam cool down.

While the jam is cooling down, sterilize mason jars and cover. Boil water in a pot with the mason jars and covers for at least 5 minutes; jar and cover must be pre-washed before the sterilization process. Use a tong to remove the jars and cover from the boiling water and set them in a counter; do not touch the jars and covers, touching will contaminate.

Ladle the jam into the hot mason jars and let it cool down. Cover the jar, label with the date made and store in refrigerator. The jam will last about one month refrigerated and six months frozen. The jam can be sterilized using bath canning method to prolong storage time.