Tuesday, October 3, 2017


My neighbor has a fig tree and for years has always given me fig fruit except for the last few years; her tree did not have much fruit due to the drought for the past several years. This year with a bumper crop, she has given me a lot.

Fig is an ancient tree native to the Middle East and Western Asia but it is widely cultivated in Asia and North America for its fruit and as an ornamental plant. The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried and also used in making jams. Once the fruit is picked, it should be eaten immediately as it does not keep well.

Figs are in season from August to early October. The figs my neighbor gave me are the reddish brown variety; they are soft, plump and sweet. She had given me a lot and was not able to eat everything; I will be making fig jam.

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  1. Ces figues sont très juteuses et douces, les images sont vraiment très agréables et si claires.