Sunday, June 5, 2016

Itoh Peony

Itoh peonies also known as intersectional hybrid peonies have the characteristics of tree and herbaceous variety; they have huge and colorful flowers like most tree peonies and the perennial growing cycle of herbaceous peonies. They have vigorous growth habits and huge colorful flowers like the tree peonies and the bush will remain green after the flowering cycle. They have woody stems which can support bigger blooms.

I purchased from the Spring Hill Nursery catalog several years ago and finally bloomed this spring. The label is gone so I am not really sure the name of this Itoh peony. It has huge flowers, about 7 inches in diameter with a coral color and large flare in the center. It comes back every spring but has not bloomed since I planted it then dies back in fall. It has several flowers this spring and perhaps will have more next year and the next.

The foliage stays until early fall then cut back when the stems and foliage turn brown.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Climbing Rose

Climbing roses are a classic complement in any garden big or small especially if they are made to climb on a wall or a trellis. They are excellent on a bare wall that gets enough sunshine. 

Planted the rose on one of the side corners of the house; did not bloom during the first year and bloomed the second year. While most climbing roses bloom only once or twice a year, this one has blooms all summer long with occasional dead heading.

The white blooms are about 4 inches, fully double with a lot of petals with a slight scent and the blooms are in a cluster like a floribunda. The blooms are produced booth on old and new cane.